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Hand Waxed Brown Heavy Hitters

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“Beat it Nerd” Mitts – Dweeb Design

: $89.99 ($45.00 Savings)
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As a proud Canadian glove and technical wear company with a short motorcycle riding season it only makes sense to have a good pair of off season Odin Mfg mitts. Perfect for snowboarding or skiing, snow shovelling, or dog walking. We are stoked to add the Odin Mfg Sn’Originals to the line up inspired by our original glove that founded the company. We’ve always been heavily influenced by the mountains and our love of snowboarding so were stoked to bring these to life.

The Sn’Originals feature the following

  • Odin Mfg signature glove magnets. Perfect for hang drying your gloves after a day in the snow on that heater with no hooks.
  • 7 layers of calculated insulation to keep your hands well insulated on cold days
  • Kevlar lined leather palms
  • Tailored neoprene cuffs to avoid slipping out of your jacket
  • Wrist hang straps so your not that guy who drops his gloves off the chairlift
  • Easy on reinforced leather pull tab
  • Full Cow leather construction
  • Soft suede nose wiper thumbs

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