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Growing up riding the park, we looked up to local snowboard legends like Dwayne Weibe. Fast forward years later, we are honoured to build a glove true to our snowboarding roots that features his artwork and moniker.

As a proud Canadian glove and technical wear company with a short motorcycle riding season it only makes sense to have a good pair of off-season Odin Mfg mitts. Perfect for snowboarding, skiing, snow shovelling, or dog walking. We are stoked to add the Odin Mfg Sn’Originals to the lineup. The mitts are inspired by the Odin Mfg Originals gloves that helped found the company. We’ve always been heavily influenced by the mountains and our love of snowboarding so we’re stoked to bring these to life.


The Sn’Originals feature the following

    • Odin Mfg signature glove magnets – perfect for hang drying your gloves after a day in the snow on that heater without hooks
    • 7 layers of calculated insulation to keep your hands well insulated on cold days
    • Kevlar lined leather palms
    • Tailored neoprene cuffs to avoid slipping out of your jacket
    • Wrist hang straps so you’re not that guy who drops his gloves off the chairlift
    • Easy on reinforced leather pull tab
    • Full Cow leather construction
    • Soft suede nose wiper thumbs


“Support those who support you… hear it a lot. From motorcycles to snowboarding to art and to tattoos, Ryan and Jeff could not be any truer to this saying. I am incredibly proud to be able to create something that these certified beauticians would be excited to have on their products! Knowing the design and quality that Odin already puts into making the best motorcycle gear, when they approached me about doing a snow mitt I was obviously ecstatic! Leather was a must. Had to have the magnets for hang drying, an absolute perfect addition no ones ever done. Low profile neoprene cuff. And throw some of my art on there and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in an amazing snow mitt! Fit is fantastic. I know people will be insanely impressed once you throw your paws in a pair of these”.

– Dwayne Weibe

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